We’re back for another drifting event!

Many would like to acquire info about the cars which are raced others wish to know about the races generally speaking. As an issue of fact, minus the appropriate equipment, including the proper auto, or knowledge of the sport, drifting can be somewhat detrimental. Cars and possibly even bikes aren't allowed on Rock Island. But it is on the In [...]

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We are back at it again

We have been accepted for entry into Southern Discomfort @ CMP in February.  Super Bowl weekend.  Saints by three. It is very likely that the weather will be chilly to [...]

Sean earns his stripes

to continue the saga of Fall 2009 @ CMP.  Our new Crew Chief Sean is quite the wrench turning Frat Boy.  I didn’t even know he was old enough to drink, turns out he quite [...]

neglect and despair

alright it wasn’t and isn’t all doom and gloom. Since we haven’t updated the site in awhile i will take a crack at getting current. The Fall 09 event at CMP saw [...]

Lemons South Fall 2009 – We’re in

Yessiree…DoriftoDogs V3.0 is confirmed for the fall event at CMP.  As referred to in earlier posts, we’re a smaller team this time around, but we’re looking forward to [...]

Big changes for the Dorifto Dogs

After we finished basking in the glow of winning the Spring LeMons South event, the team started talking about the future.  We clearly had a capable car and capable drivers, [...]

LeMons South Spring 2009 – We won!!!!

Yes, our poor website has been neglected more than our car, but since this site will get a few hits now that we won the event, I guess I need to update it. Yes, we won.  [...]

LeMons CMP April 2009 – We’re In

It was an easier road to get in to the 24 Hrs of LeMons event this time for team Dorifto Dogs.  The car needed a bit of TLC, but didn’t require the man hours that it [...]

Off-Season LeMons – What about next year?

It’s been several months since I’ve updated the site, but we’re still around, and starting our plans for ‘09. Being one of the fortunate teams, our car was still in [...]

LeMons is over, we finished and we’re happy

I’ve been recuperating and thinking about what I’d post on our blog in retrospect of the event.  There’s so much to cover I’m not sure where to start. Here’s a [...]