Big changes for the Dorifto Dogs

After we finished basking in the glow of winning the Spring LeMons South event, the team started talking about the future.  We clearly had a capable car and capable drivers, but something wasn’t quite right.  The team discussed this at length, and decided it was time for a few changes in team Dorifto Dogs.  It wasn’t easy, and hopefully feathers weren’t ruffled too badly.  We’re all still friends, and still look forward to seeing each other at the track.

The changes:

The formation of team MagnumPU.

Team member Vincent Keene and crew member Chris Brown branched off and formed a new team with long time Dorifto Dogs friends Ryan Holton and Stephen Westerfield.  They are currently prepping a new race car, and you can see the details of their handywork on their website.

Team Captain Bernie Baake is also forming his own new team.  I don’t know as much detail about Bernie’s new venture, but you can rest assured that the car will be very well prepared and the team ready to compete at a high level.

The Dorifto Dogs wish both new teams the best of luck, and we look forward to racing with you.

This takes our team down to the minimum – 4 members.  Walter Houston, Steve Remchak,  Kendt Eklund,  and myself (Tom Freeman).   Since I’m geographically seperated from the rest of the team and the car, that relegates me to more of the logistical and clerical work, so I’ve re-asssumed the Team Captain position so I can add the most value.

Our team focus for the fall race is a little different than the spring race.  While we weren’t expecting an overall win at the spring race, we were expecting a top 10 finish.  We had planned for long driver stints and had planned and practiced (somewhat) our refueling strategy.  The race was fun, but as the event ground down to the last few hours, it was a nail biting experience for all of us.   For the fall, we’re shooting for a respectable finish, but focusing more on fun, clean racing and plenty of seat time for all members.  I’m sure we’ll get some kind of ceremonial lap penalty simply because we won the spring event, but that’s fine with me.  We’re going to have more fun at this race.

We’re fortunate that the car is pretty sound after 2 races, but as with any race car, it always requires a little maintenance to stay in top form.  I’ll be sending the “appraisal” request to the race organizers very soon to see if we can get a little operating budget to fix the small, pending issues.