Since we came up with this nutty idea, quite a few people have contributed to the cause.  Like many volunteer efforts, we’ve had a few folks who were slated to be on the team originally, but the complications of life forced them to drop out.  Each of them put in time and effort that helped the team progress towards our goal of getting in to the event.  We’d like to say a special thanks to all those who have helped this project along it’s path.:

Steve McGrane – Thanks to Steve for really helping birth the whole “Let’s put together a team for LeMons” idea. Not only did Steve help with the brainstorming, but he helped me buy the LeMons e30 and get it back to the office for temporary storage. Steve also let us borrow a set of decent rear shocks to run on the car.

Brent Blades – Brent was there in the idea generation phase also. Without your half-baked thinking, there’s no way we could have embarked on this half-baked plan.

Jason Mauldin – Much thanks to Jason in helping to get the domain registered, the DNS setup, and the WorldPress blog up and running.

Thomas Bradley – Thomas donated some rear springs and some complete front strut/spring assemblies to the cause.

Aaron Buckley – Aaron was originally slated to be a driver on the team, but had to back out due to scheduling reasons. Aaron put a ton of work in to the car.

Ryan Holton – Ryan was also originally a driver, but the impending birth of twins helped him come to his senses. Ryan graciously stored the car for the team as well as gave us a garage and tools to work with. Ryan also put a ton of work in to the car, as witnessed by the shots of him removing the sunroof.

Shannon Holton – Shannon, while waaaay pregnant with twins, was a great host to a bunch of loud, dirty men running around her house for a weekend of mayhem.

Dan Durusky – Dan is another former team member who had to drop.  Dan did a lot of dirty work with the car prep as well as researching and brainstorming.

Ross Miller – Ross is…yep, another member who dropped.  Ross donated time and gas to help us move the car from MD down to NC with his tow vehicle.  Ross has been an enthusiastic supporter and has helped tremendously in the brainstorming and research process

David Spratte – David was another original team member who’s life just got in the way.  As our resident artsy guy,  David whipped together a few pieces of artwork for us.

Michael Westerfield – At the last minute, Mike did a little photochopping work for the conceptual drawing of the Lemons car in full race form.

Mike Sarver – Mike loaned us his car trailer on short notice when we had to tow the car from MD to NC when we started the prep process.