LeMons is over, we finished and we’re happy

I’ve been recuperating and thinking about what I’d post on our blog in retrospect of the event.  There’s so much to cover I’m not sure where to start.

Here’s a quick recap of Day #2…we started on thin ice.  Due to our penalties on Saturday, Jay Lamm (the organizer, judge and jury for all infractions) told us that he could sit us down for the rest of the event since we had 4 strikes against us.  Thankfully, he chose to give us 1 more chance – we could run on Sunday if we had no more incidents.  As a team, we talked about it and agreed that we’d approach Sunday with a focus to stay out of trouble.  Steve started the day on Sunday with a very quick, efficient, and clean session.  Vincent backed up Steve with an aggressive session, but still very clean.  Bernie continued the pattern. Walter and I were a little off the pace of the first 3 drivers, but we kept our noses clean and defended our position in the standings.  Kendt finished out the event in strong fashion.  We finished 27th out of 78 cars, and that includes a 10 lap penalty and about 2 hours of time served for infractions.  I believe that if we had kept our noses clean on Saturday, we had a legitimate chance at a top 10 finish.  Dieter was one of the quicker cars on track, and certainly provided us with a good platform. You know what they say about hindsight…

The goal from the beginning was to build a car that would actually finish the event, and we proudly succeeded.  If you asked me on Friday if we would finish, I would have told you it would be very unlikely, so I’m thrilled we did as well as we did.  We learned a ton, met some great people, and had a blast.  It was one of those “time of your life” events, no question.

Since Dieter made it through the event quite well, it’s likely that he’ll see another LeMons event in ‘09.  I know Walter and Bernie are 100% committed to getting the car to another event.   There has been tons of talk on several car forums I frequent about the event, and I guarantee there will be quite a few more teams vying for a spot at a CMP LeMons event in 2009.  I hope to be back in Dieter 2.0 myself.