Team Captain and Driver – Tom Freeman: Tom has been autocrossing since 1998, and driving in DE’s since 2002. In real life, Tom is a systems engineer for team sponsor Vocus ( in Lanham, MD. Tom’s personal DE ride is currently a 1989 Porsche 944S2 – a car that puts the “poor” in Porsche. It’s currently on it’s 3rd motor in the last 2 years. Tom currently hails from Gaithersburg, MD, but he’s a NC boy at heart.

Driver – Vincent Keene: Vincent is a veteran autocrosser, and HPDE instructor for THSCC and NASA. In real life, Vincent is a draftsman for a civil engineering firm in Wilson, NC. Vincent has the dubious distinction of DE-ing a Cavalier, one that happens to have the brakes off of a ZR-1 Corvette. You will not see another one like it, I promise. Vincent lives in Macclesfield, NC.

Driver – Steve Remchak: Steve runs a well-prepped E36 328i at DE events all over the southeast. We give him a hard time for his infamous lack of automotive mechanical aptitude, but his car is more likely to be running at the end of an event than Tom’s Porsche. In real life, Steve owns Apex Contract Carpets, a industrial carpet installation business in Apex, NC. Steve lives in Angier, NC.

Driver – Bernie Baake: We have a new team member – Bernie Baake (that’s pronounced “Bah kah” for those at home).  To Walter’s delight, Bernie is our elder statesman.   Bernie retired after spending 33 years as a Marine Corps civilian advisor on aircraft weapons systems.  He’s always owned sports cars-  MGs, Triumphs, a Sunbeam tiger, and a few American muscle cars.  He started driving in autocross and HPDE in 2004, when he was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer with lymphatic involvement.  Bernie is a survivor.  Bernie has done about 24 HPDE’s and a bunch of autocrossing in the past four years.  He currently owns a 2004 Corvette that’s louder than Walters Camaro (no small feat), a 1986 C4 Corvette track car, a 1990 Miata, a 2005 Mini and a small fleet of other tow and utility vehicles. Bernie also brings a new sponsor to the team – Pets Companion Inn – a business that he runs with his wife Gwen (also an avid autocrosser in the family MINI).  Pets Companion Inn, just north of Durham, NC provides high quality pet boarding.  Check out their website or give them a call at 919-477-0618.

Driver – Kendt Eklund: Kendt is the new guy on the automotive, having just started autocrossing and doing HPDEs within the last few years. Kendt is also our resident equestrian. Perhaps he should also take up golf so he can have the triumvirate of expensive hobbies. Kendt’s personal ride is an STS-prepped Focus SVT that sees autox and HPDE duty. In real life Kendt works in IT for county government. Hooray for government jobs!!! Kendt lives in Vass, NC.

Driver – Walter Houston: Walter is a long time drag-racer who discovered turning right and left was fun too. Walter autocrosses and DEs a very loud, very fast Camaro SS. In real life, Walter is a college professor who helps prepare nursing students to take care of us when we wreck our racecars. Walter lives in Greenville, NC.

Crew – Les Davis: Though Les is our crew chief, he’s quite skilled at turning the wheel himself. Les has been autocrossing since the late 90s in a wide variety of cars. That variety extends to his history of car ownership, owning well over 30 cars in his youthful 34 years. Les’s current autocross ride is an SM2 prepped C4 Corvette, blessed with a lot of Doug Rippie Motorsports goodies. In real life, Les is a Software Engineer in RTP, NC. Les lives in Raleigh, NC.