neglect and despair

alright it wasn’t and isn’t all doom and gloom.

Since we haven’t updated the site in awhile i will take a crack at getting current.

The Fall 09 event at CMP saw the Dogs as a leaner, meaner group.  The roster is now Tom, Walter, Kendt and myself Steve.  we also welcomed Sean as our new Crew Cheif.

Dieter got a new Rustoleum paint job and molted into a Dalmation.  His spots being the infamous “Noch Einer Sheiss E30″ stencil so fluently applied by the High Court of BS Judges.

We really didn’t do much more than bleed the brakes and adjust the belts to get ready for the race.  In hindsight, maybe we should have done more.

BS Judging went suprisingly well with only a 5 lap penalty assigned to us.  I think Jay knew of what was to eventually transpire.

The race started well, with Kendt as the lead-off driver.  But then the Curse as we shall call it from here on out struck.  Race Control had determined our transponder was not working properly and we came in to attempt a fix.  After what seemed like an eternity we got back out on track some 30 laps down.  Kendt pushed on before yielding the seat to Tom at the 2 hour mark.

Tom’s stint was a fast and uneventful 2 hours.  Walter prepared to jump in when Tom’s stint ended.  Back to the garages for driver change and Tom cuts the car off.  Well we got it started again 45 minutes later.  Yeah, The Curse again.  How else do you explain the Cam Position Sensor just dropping out of the transmission housing?

Walter went out and burned up the laps until the eventual race winner got a little close to Walter’s bumper and we got black-flagged.

Mandatory driver change means I’m up.  Get dressed and jump in the car.  There musta been some “Mist” on the track, because I sorta kinda hit a car in Turn 11.

Black flag, spin The Wheel of Penalty, The Bob Ross Penalty is awarded.  So i don the afro wig and Tom, Kendt and I proceed to paint happy little trees on Dieter’s hood.

After the fun ends they cut us loose to return to the race.  Kendt jumps back in the car only to have the head gasket let go after 10 laps or so.  If you have been following along ……….. The Curse.

It is now about 5:30 and the plan is hatched.  Tear it down and install the head from the 300k mile back-up motor.  Sean dives into the motor, I dive in to the cooler for an adult beverage.