Sean earns his stripes

to continue the saga of Fall 2009 @ CMP.  Our new Crew Chief Sean is quite the wrench turning Frat Boy.  I didn’t even know he was old enough to drink, turns out he quite nearly put us all to shame.  And Mrs. Robinson was extremely entertaining as we all chatted in the hotel parking lot at 3 in the morning.  But back to the racing stuff.

“You bought a Saturn” ….. sorry Les, it is still funny 6 months later.

Sean, with assisstance from all of us removed the head from Dieter and I went searching the pits for a head gasket.  Found Bob Sheilds who said he would bring us one in the morning.  We were on our way.

Well thanks to Mrs. Robinson and the lovely night air, we didn’t get to the track until about 8:30 AM and no one seemed to have as much fire for the rebuild as they’d exhibited the night before.

We, and i use that term lightly, worked to revive Dieter.  I think by the time we got the car running again, Kendt was spitting blood.  It’s good to have an obsession, makes for good racing i believe.

Of course Kendt had the good sense to go to bed at a decent hour the night before.

Finally with about 30 minutes left in the race Dieter fired up.  Quite rough but running.  Kendt jumped in and we managed to take the checkers in 90th place.