Subaru Rally Team

Rally racing in no doubt an adventurous experience. It is one of the most dangerous sports in the history of racing. The famous Subaru Rally Team USA eagerly participates in the events of USA. Its major operation is carried by Vermont sports car (and you bet they didn’t have used tires).


The formulation of team took place in 2000 in regards to cars, produced by Pro drive. This continued till 2004 with the race conducted by SCCA Pro rally. Since 2006 Vermont Sports Car is responsible for the management of team.

The relationship between Vermont sports car and Subaru of America has been since 2001 with serving as partners and sponsors. Subaru uses this sports to promote their lineup of all wheel drivers. Subaru Impreza has previously dominated in the field of rallying. The WRX STI has made its mark in both international and USA soil and has been doing so for the last ten years.

In 2006, Vermont sports car took over the operations of Subaru rally team USA. In the same year, Vermont took Subaru rally team USA to four consecutive straight rally America championship with the help of the driver, Travis Pastrana (2006 -2009)

In the year 2010, Dave Mirra was welcomed for a full time role as the second driver, next to Pastrana. However, in 2011 Pastrana left this complete team and joined NASCAR. Within a short period, he was replaced by the British American rally champion, David Higgins.

Subaru Rally Team

Subaru Rally Team USA has been a seminal force in the rise in popularity of rallying in North America.

Subaru rally team USA operates Subaru impresa and rally manages the cars. The entire in-house ins managed by them. Main functions of managing are, roll cages, shell prep and the composite parts. These highly skilled technicians travel to each rally and work as the on event crew.

However, Subaru rally ream USA usually competes in global rally cross championship and national rally championship USA. The team also participates in Canadian rally championship, world rally championship and X games.


Usually Subaru rally USA competes in events taken place in USA. Other participations are made only for a shorter period of time. Until now, they have successfully secured the rally American championship for seventh time, out of which Travis Pastrana participated in only four championships and David Higgins making his mark two times.

In 2012, Vermont sports car stated that David Higgins will be part of the team, but explained that Dave Mirra would not attend rally events due to conflict’s. However, Dave Mirra will attend the rally cross.

In 2014, Subaru rally team USA stated Travis Pastrana will re-join them along with their new driver, Chris Beavis. This statement was issues as Dave Mirra was released and was no longer a part of the team due to financial reasons.

Rally Cross:

The team participated in X games and global rally cross. In 2006-2007, Collin McRae competed in X games in Subaru. However, he rolled the car and landed to an awkward jump. Even after this, Collin managed to finish in the seconds place., just behind Travis.

Championship wins:

From 200 to 2009, Travis Pastrana won straight rally championships with co-drivers Christian Edstrom and Derek ringer. However, after the departure of Travis, David came in to steal the spotlight and undoubtedly, he did. From 2011 to 2015 Davin won five straight rally championships with the only co-driver, Craig drew.