We are back at it again

We have been accepted for entry into Southern Discomfort @ CMP in February.  Super Bowl weekend.  Saints by three.

It is very likely that the weather will be chilly to say the least.

We welcome a new driver to the Dogs as Tom has decided to act like a grown-up and buy a home.  Our congratulations to Tom and his lovely wife.  And we promise not to call him a wussie for skipping out on this race. I think he is just avoiding the cold weather, what a ……… whoops, never mind.

Our new driver and favorite Metro Jethro, Cline is ready to go and the team is in the process of repairing the failed head gasket that sank us in September.

Our intrepid Crew Chief Sean is poised to have Dieter in top form.  The car is headed to G-Vegas this weekend for repair at Walter’s house.